Mikey Discovers Ocean Cycles!

That snapshot of the MSN article is revealing. Paragraph one says the pause is a ‘meme’ of sceptics. Why is the ownership one way when established ‘science’ (including the Met Office) has widely discussed and are not far approaching 101 reasons for. Tamsin Edwards must be party to the ‘meme’ – “The pause is a grand ‘whodunnit’ at the edge of our scientific understanding”
Paragraph 2 of the MSN article all but confirms the pause. Am I missing something here? Are we seriously the only ones pointing to the trees in the woods? Shameful really.
As an aside it’s interesting to see that large spike in the very late 1870s. Tim Channon’s mentioned it before.


By Paul Homewood



Climate “scientist”, Michael Mann, has discovered that the 17 year pause in global warming is due to “internal variability”, particularly ocean cycles. In a paper written with a Byron Somebody, and someone called Sonya, he finds:

That internal variability is found in the natural cycles of temperature change that occur over years or even decades in the oceans, like El Niño and La Niña. There are others, like the “Atlantic multidecadal oscillation” and the “Pacific decadal oscillation”…

There is an oceanic tug-of-war between the two systems. Sometimes the ocean cycles worked together to suck heat or burp it skyward—sometimes their push-pull led to a draw.

Welcome to the party, Mikey! Some of us have been explaining about this for years.

There is just one slight snag with your explanation. We have been in the warm phase of the AMO since around…

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