A Change in the Wind


I started this blog to support some of the investigations I do into the weather/climate, especially those periods which have passed into climate amnesia. I subscribe to the mantra that what has gone before will happen again…eventually. Any pronoucement that anything is unprecedented is a crock of shit born of ignorance – and I put myself (or rather my warmista past life) in that category. Now I mostly do that stuff over at the weatheraction.wordpress.com site which I am eternally grateful for Piers Corbyn allowing me the latitude to explore. I took up that site lest it become a parody site, no more no less. After hanging onto it for a while I launched it last year. That left this site in a quandary. So after some not very careful thought and inspired by such sites as Chiefios I think now is the time to explore other areas although the climate core/mission is hard to escape. Many threads in the debate are interwoven try as I might escape it (I really did have hopes of this site being a non political entity – I laugh at my optimism now). All I would say is the aversion I once attested to sites such as Steven Goddard’s (aka Tony Heller) have softened. I get where they come from – even if I do not always agree. Tolerance does not mean you have to listen to my opinion, nor I yours but I hope you will because I will listen to you – as long as you don’t shout. I can can chew things over just don’t force it down my throat. It is by exposure to ideas and people I rejected out of principle that I have learnt much. I may not agree with you but share a quiet pint with me and I will defend your opinion – as long as you are not advocating violence of opinion or deed. I have no time for that.

So, I will now throw more into the mix and I want to listen. It’s a rare, under appreciated gift we all have if we can cut out the noise. Comments are welcome. Trolls can stay under the bridge.

I hope readers will understand that whilst I may not agree, I will lend an ear. I may not agree with your solutions but I can be empathetic to the cause of our collective maladies.



One thought on “A Change in the Wind

  1. Actually, CraigM350, the AGW fable collapsed in a confrontation with reality. Arrogant world leaders that are now going down!

    Relax and enjoy this re-enactment of a classical play on the “Conflict between Arrogance and Reality !”

    In the closing scene, Big Brother will learn to recite the prayer of the King of Siam in public:

    “O Waa Ta Goo Siam.”

    [The prayer automatically translates into English when repeated aloud and magically restores sanity to arrogant world tyrants.]

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