The Boot is on the Other Foot. Does it Matter?


I wrote a comment on one of James Dellingpoles recent articles at Brietbart.

If Soon was really interested in making money he could simply take the path of least resistance and most profitability by agreeing with the CAGW meme and takeing easy government funding. Then he can charge ridiculous speaking fees and write books (with physics defying hurricanes on the front cover) to claim ‘we is all £*č€d if we don’t pay carbon taxes’ to a company he just happens to be a shareholder in.

Based on 2005 figures (wiki – I’m being lazy) “$55,935 for a full-time, year-round employed Asian American male.” x 20 (years) =$1,118,700. (damn that’s close isn’t it?* – see Monckton piece @Brietbart)

Considering taxes and admin fees taken by his employer (what 40-50%) Soon is hardly profiting and certainly not like say AC denier Hansen. Shouty idiots tend to make a noise and point fingers because they don’t  want you to look closer at them.

The movers and shakers (political & MSM-wise) in this debate are playing propaganda /con artist 101. WTF are we talking about Soon? Why are we defending ourselves against allegations of impropriety  when the accuser is Jimmy Saville?

William Briggs (co-author of said paper) made a very good point on his blog (Google is thy friend) that all those reporters and even scientists have yet to put an answer out to the paper “Why Climate Models Run Hot” (hand waving does not count) I haven’t  heard a response yet as I’m being deafened by crickets.

Full disclosure here – I’m a former warmanista. I am more than aware of media filters (Oborne HSBC  *cough* told you so – and good coverage by Dellers I add). I will say three things to the left having spent a fair amount of time around them over the years with many friends of that persuasion;

1 – Stop focusing on the right boot as the left one is aimed right at your head.
2 – Apply your lens to your own sphere otherwise you are just another hypocrite. For all our faults people are just people. No one is a ******* god.

3 – If the government is the cause of your problems how on earth will they be the solution? How many times do we need to be abused before realising the abuser is not the ******* solution? If Jimmy voted Labour would he be above suspicion? pfft.

I’d also add when you go extreme right or left you come full circle. Stop looking at which foot the boot is on, they are from the same nutter. As long as you look at things from the lens of just one boot you are going to get your ******* head kicked in either way.

* UPDATE –  if Heartland are to be believed the ~$1m is over 10 years and 40% were taken by the Smithsonian. This makes yearly value $44,720 which is less than the median wage. Willie Soon must be bathing in cash then. He must be weeping into his pillow that he never got to sell his interests out to Big Oil like Al Gore (estimated worth 2000/14=~$2/300m) or partook of the $1B p/day (and rising) climate scam? Now if only he had ‘ethics’…. 😉

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