Empirical confirmation of solar-planetary theory: Solar polar field evolution matches 2011 prediction

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Back in 2011. Tim Channon used his cycles analysis software to predict the evolution of the solar polar fields. The basis of the curve he produced is the motion of the gas giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. As they orbit the Sun, they force the Sun to move relative to the centre of mass of the entire solar system. We see this motion when astronomers look out into the near cosmos and observe other stars ‘wobbling’. By measuring the wobble with respect to time, they are able to deduce the mass and distance of planets orbiting those stars, even though they are too small and dim to see directly.

Tim found that our Sun’s wobble due to the gas giant planets matched the observational data of the evolution of the Solar polar magnetic fields mentioned in the post put up by Stuart ‘Oldbrew‘ yesterday.

Here’s the plot

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2 thoughts on “Empirical confirmation of solar-planetary theory: Solar polar field evolution matches 2011 prediction

    • The dumbest experiment in history was the 1945 decision to hide from the public the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima.

      That experiment prevented science from confirming spiritual insight into the beautiful, bountiful, benevolent universe that created and sustains every atom, life and world.

      This British MP figured it out himself:


      The neutron is the key to the entire universe, physically composed of two forms of one particle and enlivened by slight difference in rest masses and hugh difference in volumes and force fields for interaction with others:

      1. The compacted neutron is a proton-electron pair in close combination, as Chadwick described it in 1932. A powerful, short-range force repels neutrons from others.

      2. A hydrogen atom is an expanded neutron, a proton-electron pair, 0.08% less massive and separated by a distance five-orders of magnitude greater. A weak, long-range gravitational force attracts hydrogen atoms to others.

      All mass and energy in the universe arise from this design.


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