National Wildlife Federation De-volves into Climate Alarmists!

Grants are being endangered by the reality of climate change which is just not happening as expected – which is worse than we thought! Troughers will no longer be able to jet all around the planet to discuss this impending crisis. This has created catastrophic levels of depression. Send money now and get a monthly update from poor grounded researchers. With your help they can continue to tell everyone just how bad it is 😉

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Since I can ever remember, my greatest joys in life came from exploring nature. During my childhood, I coveted every Golden Nature Guide and eagerly read every edition of National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick series. Sadly the National Wildlife Federation seems to have devolved into an organization eager to profit from climate alarmism. Instead of enhancing our understanding of nature as they once had, they have chosen fear mongering with twisted facts. Instead of providing honest information that advances wiser environmental stewardship, they are ‘crying wolf’ and undermining scientific credibility. Crying wolf will only do more harm than good.

Every March for over 70 years NWF sponsored National Wildlife Week. In years gone by I saw this as a wonderful positive, suggesting people stop and think about win-win scenarios for people and wildlife But now Ranger Rick and the NWF join David Attenborough in…

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