Mother Nature Brings Tornadoes to Illinois

Weather Gal Val

Well, about half systems go. Here is my previous post to explain the missing entry for yesterday. As an update to that: my laptop is currently installing updates it miraculously found last night. If you are reading this, then this post is successful.

Emily Mains, AP Photographer, captured this image and can be found on NPR website. Emily Mains, AP Photographer, captured this image and it can be found on the NPR website.

Anyways, back to today’s post. According to NPR, only one person has died in Fairdale, Ill. and about 11 people are injured. That number could climb by this evening or tomorrow morning. As always, The Weather Channel has provided state-by-state updates on the aftermath of a multi-day severe weather. So far, three people have died from the storms alone.

NBC News has captured a tornado on video. According to Ari Sarsalari, one of the meteorologists for the Weather Channel, tweeted this morning that Fairdale may have been hit with…

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Buzzfeed: Follow the Monopoly Money – Techno Guido


Of course there’s no censorship – it’s all just in your conspiracy addled minds.

Guido’s revelation that Buzzfeed deleted a negative article about the board game Monopoly just a month after entering a lucrative sponsored content deal with Monopoly’s owner Hasbro, Techno Guido can report that Buzzfeed inserted computer code into their website that forced Google and Wayback Machine into hiding the deleted article from their cache: