How Green Academics Fill Their Days

No B-S here (I hope)


Jetting here, preaching there, sooking somewhere else about the dreadful fate that awaits poor Gaia if mankind doesn’t get capitalism off her carbon-crusted back, they’re a hive of busy, organic bees. Now, thanks to Melbourne University’s union with Germany’s hottest warmists, they’ll be busier than ever

green PA hornThe Australian-German College of Climate and Energy Transitions, twinned with the Melbourne University Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), is a hotbed of climate activism.  The college and its Potsdam patron were discussed in Part I of this two-part series.

The college’s creation fits perfectly with the third item of the university’s $100m  “Three Grand Challenges” for research to 2025. These are,

  1. Understanding our place and purpose
  2. Fostering health and well-being, and
  3. Supporting sustainability and resilience. 

Item 1 is mush; Item 2 worthily involves half of the university’s research; and Item 3 is the same Trojan horse for the green/left that…

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