Avoiding microaggression with offensive disease names

What next doctors refusing to tell patients they have a disease in case they might get offended?


This is ridiculous, some international people with time on their hands advocating avoiding “offensive” names for diseases?

Another political correctness fetish?

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From NASA Science: “Auroras on Mars”


NASA Science Science News

May 11, 2015
Dr. Tony Phillips

1A map of MAVEN’s Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) auroral detections in December 2014 overlaid on Mars’ surface. The map shows that the aurora was widespread in the northern hemisphere, not tied to any geographic location. The aurora was detected in all observations during a 5-day period. Credits: University of Colorado

This isn’t the first time a spacecraft has detected auroras on Mars. Ten years ago, the European Space Agency’s Mars Express found an ultraviolet glow coming from “magnetic umbrellas” in the southern hemisphere.

ESA Mars Express Orbiter
ESA/Mars Express

Unlike Earth, Mars does not have a global magnetic field that envelops the entire planet. Instead, Mars has umbrella-shaped magnetic fields that sprout out of the ground like mushrooms, here and there, but mainly in the southern hemisphere. These umbrellas are remnants of an ancient global field that decayed billions of years ago.

“The canopies of the patchwork umbrellas…

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