Atmospheric Electricity


Atmospheric Electricity

The first edition of the textbook Physics of the Air by W. J. Humphreys was published in 1920 with a second edition appearing in 1929 and the third [and final] edition appearing in 1940.

William Jackson Humphreys (February 3, 1862 – November 10, 1949) was an American physicist and atmospheric researcher.

He worked in the fields of spectroscopy, atmospheric physics and meteorology.

In the field of spectroscopy he found the shift of spectral lines under pressure.

In atmospheric physics he found a very good model for the stratosphere in 1909.

He wrote numerous books, including a textbook titled Physics of the Air, first published in 1920 and considered a standard work of the time, though it was last published in 1940.

Physics of the Air was considered “a standard work” between the 1920s and 1940s and provides a wonderful insight into Atmospheric Science before the era of

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One thought on “Atmospheric Electricity

  1. Thank you, Craigm350, for this post.

    This further convinces me the global warming tale is pure propaganda. No one seriously interested in knowing the reasons for global climate change would ignore both:

    1. Atmospheric electricity, and
    2. The source of solar energy.

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