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I’m putting up a copy of a comment from WUWT by Salvatore Del Prete.

Why? Because it is interesting, and I keep forgetting where he’s posted things, so figure this will make it easier to find again 😉

He posted in last then first order in two parts and I’m leaving it that way.

First, there was this ‘teaser’:

Salvatore Del Prete May 29, 2015 at 11:10 am

I would say before this decade ends because what is GOING to happen is the global temperature trend is going to be in a definitive down turn due to prolonged minimum solar conditions and the associated secondary effects.
The PDO/AMO and ENSO will also be more often then not in a phase which promotes global cooling. Evidence exist for a connection between these indices and solar/lunar parameters.

Then a bit further down, the full description:

Salvatore Del Prete May 29…

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