It’s The Water, And A Lot More (vapor)

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The title of this posting comes from an old beer commercial. Olympia Beer, for decades, had the slogan “It’s the Water, and A Lot More!”. Trivia for those who might not have a familiarity with beer from the Pacific Northwest of America from 40 years ago 😉 It was the first beer I ever drank, at about age 12… Light, tasty, gentle hops. Just a very drinkable beer with a crisp bubbly finish. Since then it got mergered and the brewery closed in 2003 or so.

The Olympia Brewing Company was a brewery firm in Tumwater, Washington, USA which existed from 1896 until 1983. It was acquired in the latter year by what would eventually become Pabst Brewing Company. The Olympia Brewery in Tumwater was purchased by SABMiller and operated until its closure in 2003.

Though they still have an official site:

Every so often I’ll hear ‘the…

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