Blowing Cold and Wet in Scandinavia

A rather longer piece I did over at the WA News blog

WeatherAction News

wctan1 European temperature anomalies. Image NOAA

As the summer solstice approaches this weekend many across the Atlantic Coasts of the northern hemisphere are still waiting for the first breath of summer, with only a flickering moist tongue of warmth to sate them so far. It seems no sooner do the temperatures and humidity rise, then they quickly retreat as cool dry polar air immediately follows behind. Like much of Northern Britain, Scandinavia has also been cool and wet in recent weeks. The warmth of last year brought untold benefits, but was anything but spectacular in the British Isles last year, excepting Halloween, being more notable for the lack of low temperatures than a surfeit of high ones.

This is the Icelandic Met Office’s review of 2014 but it could easily have been for most of Northern Europe. Note the wet and often cloudy weather which inhibited low temperatures.

The year 2014 was very warm…

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