My Arctic Pub Crawl

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My devotion towards understanding the climate took me on a 5,000 mile pub crawl yesterday. It began near Stonehenge at this 500 year old pub, which shall remain unnamed in order to protect the perfect.

ScreenHunter_9580 Jun. 21 06.56

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter put on quite a show near Stonehenge Friday night, where it was a still light out at 10:45 PM.

ScreenHunter_9606 Jun. 21 07.45

Next stop was southeast Greenland, where I attempted to photograph Hendrik’s dog from 38,000 feet. Farmers in southeast Greenland might be having a bit of a rough time.

ScreenHunter_9585 Jun. 21 07.01

Experts say the glaciers are disappearing, because they are paid to lie and confuse the public.

ScreenHunter_9587 Jun. 21 07.03

I did see a tiny bit of melting at the western fringe of the ice sheet.

ScreenHunter_9589 Jun. 21 07.05

Winter snows remain right up to the western coast. 

ScreenHunter_9590 Jun. 21 07.07

There are still huge amounts of sea ice in Baffin Bay, and it shows little sign of melting.

ScreenHunter_9591 Jun. 21 07.08

ScreenHunter_9593 Jun. 21 07.09

The glaciers in eastern…

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Good Climate News From My Alma Mater

The Lukewarmer's Way

“Redwood forests near the California-Oregon border have seen the largest surge in wood production, with growth rates since the 1970s up to 45 percent faster now than at any time in the past 200 years.”  For the second day in a row I’m looking at the San Jose Mercury News as my source for a story that seems like untrammeled good news.


“We’re not seeing any evidence of declining growth rates,” said Steve Sillett, a forestry professor at Humboldt State (where I briefly studied anthropology and journalism) and nationally known redwoods expert. “In fact, a lot of the sites are exhibiting increasing rates of growth over the last 100 years.”

As Matt Ridley reported two years ago, this was predicted by Charles Keeling, known for the eponymous Keeling Curve. It isn’t just the redwood forests. Ridley wrote, “Between 1982 and 2011, 20.5% of the world’s vegetated area got greener…

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