My Arctic Pub Crawl

Real Science

My devotion towards understanding the climate took me on a 5,000 mile pub crawl yesterday. It began near Stonehenge at this 500 year old pub, which shall remain unnamed in order to protect the perfect.

ScreenHunter_9580 Jun. 21 06.56

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter put on quite a show near Stonehenge Friday night, where it was a still light out at 10:45 PM.

ScreenHunter_9606 Jun. 21 07.45

Next stop was southeast Greenland, where I attempted to photograph Hendrik’s dog from 38,000 feet. Farmers in southeast Greenland might be having a bit of a rough time.

ScreenHunter_9585 Jun. 21 07.01

Experts say the glaciers are disappearing, because they are paid to lie and confuse the public.

ScreenHunter_9587 Jun. 21 07.03

I did see a tiny bit of melting at the western fringe of the ice sheet.

ScreenHunter_9589 Jun. 21 07.05

Winter snows remain right up to the western coast. 

ScreenHunter_9590 Jun. 21 07.07

There are still huge amounts of sea ice in Baffin Bay, and it shows little sign of melting.

ScreenHunter_9591 Jun. 21 07.08

ScreenHunter_9593 Jun. 21 07.09

The glaciers in eastern…

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