Sick Science


Sick Science

Following hot on the heels of the Papal Pap and the New and Improved Sixth Mass Extinction Pap the cut & paste press has been infected with another virulent virus of the vacuous kind: Practitioner Pap.

Panel of doctors give a warming Earth a physical and say kick the coal habit immediately
Seth Borenstein / The Associated Press – 22 June 2015

WASHINGTON – Some top international doctors and public health experts have issued an urgent prescription for a feverish planet Earth: Get off coal as soon as possible.

Substituting cleaner energy worldwide for coal will reduce air pollution and give Earth a better chance at avoiding dangerous climate change, recommended a global health commission organized by the prestigious British medical journal Lancet.

The Practitioner Pap is recommending surgery: “Cut out Coal”.

Published: June 22, 2015
Top doctors’ prescription for feverish planet: Cut out coal
Associated Press

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Historical sunspot numbers are about to be given an adjustment

Watts Up With That?

UPDATE: Some commenters got the wrong idea about this article, see the footnote.

monthly sunspots 1749 2014Our resident solar physicist Dr. Leif Svalgaard is one of the scientists involved in the effort

Dear SILSO user,

Mon, Jun 22, 2015 11:42 am

Over the past 4 years a community effort has been carried out to revise entirely the historical Sunspot Number series. A good overview of the analyses and identified corrections is provided in the recent review paper:
Clette, F., Svalgaard, L., Vaquero, J.M., Cliver, E. W.,“Revisiting the Sunspot Number. A 400-Year Perspective on the Solar Cycle”, Space Science Reviews, Volume 186, Issue 1-4, pp. 35-103.

Now that the new data series has been finalized, we are about to replace the original version of our sunspot data
by an entirely new data set on July 1st. On this occasion, we decided to simultaneously introduce changes in several conventions in the data themselves and also in the…

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