La Terreur of Modern ‘Liberals’


Funding is only ever a bad thing when it can be used as a ‘Koch’ smear. Heaven forbid it is ever turned on you.

h/t BishopHill

Censorship is horrible and oppressive unless of course there happens to be an opinion you disagree with in which case you can heckle and campaign for that person’s voice to be silenced oppressing them instead. You can complain about threats and abuse (asking for money helps ease progressive pain at these threats) feigning and thereby belittling serious mental complications such as PTSD, whilst happily doxxing, ending careers, intimidating and sending your fellow social justice crusader monkeys to abuse the objects of your ire – which is perfectly legitimate and not hate because leftists are incapable of hate just as gender hatred is the sole preserve of males, racism whites and religious intolerance is of course just for right wing christians. Continue reading