Oops!!!! Your Slip Is Showing!!!! Climate Science Journal And Leftist Meme Collides (Colludes)!!!!!

Words fail me.
Update – Sargon takes a wry look

suyts space


So, Twitchy brought this to my attention.

‘Air temperature is patriarchal microaggression’: NYT writer assigns blame for chilly work conditions

It’s referencing an article from the NY Times, which supposedly explains why women are cold in office buildings. It turns out the buildings were designed from an old formula ….

which considers factors like air temperature, air speed, vapor pressure and clothing insulation, using a version of Fanger’s thermal comfort equation.

PMV = [0.303e-0.036M + 0.028]{(M W) – 3.96E-8ƒcl[(tcl + 273)4 – (tr + 273)4] – ƒclhc(tcl – ta) – 3.05[5.73 – 0.007(M – W) – pa] – 0.42[(M – W) – 58.15] – 0.0173M(5.87 – pa) – 0.0014M(34 – ta)}

It is converted to a seven-point scale and compared against the…

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