The EPA …… Polluters, Blackmailers, And Usurpers

Gobsmacked. I would not be surprised if the investigation gets bogged down (note the pun) for years to come so the guilty get distance. This smells and scorches more than the poisoned waters the EPA leave behind.

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Well, I hadn’t written about the Colorado incident, mostly because it seemed due to incompetence and was an accident. That our federal government is full of incompetents isn’t all that noteworthy, it’s a given.

But, here’s something else that’s a given. The EPA doesn’t function to protect our environment, it functions as an arm to exert governmental control over the private citizenry.

As it turns out, there’s much more to this sordid story than just continuous incompetence from our government.

The EPA has a record of releasing toxic runoff from mines in two tiny Colorado towns that dates to 2005, a local mine owner claims.

The 3-million-gallon heavy-metal spill two weeks ago in Silverton polluted three states and touched off national outrage. But the EPA escaped public wrath in 2005 when. That dump – containing arsenic, lead and other materials – said Todd Hennis, who owns both mines along…

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