Definition of ‘climate’ changing faster than at any time in last 1000 years

It’s worse than we thought 😉


According to an alarming new analysis of the climate corpus, natural concept change can’t account for the dramatic saltations we’re witnessing in what scientists say the Earth’s climate means.

Climate philologists say the motion of the dial far exceeds background rates of semantic drift, and shows no sign of damping. They’re now worried that—with recent disturbances in weather,consensus,acidification,pollution,skeptic,global,conspiracist,conspiratorial,trick,hide,what the peer-reviewed literature is,the scientific method,knowledge,evidence and other traditionally stable concepts—verbal weirding could represent a new normal.

Stefan Lewandowsky, Bristol University’s Professor of Cognitive Science and a regular CN contributor, doesn’t need to see the data. He’s well aware that things are getting more frequent, because it’s happening to him. Anecdotally. It’s not unusual now, says Lewandowsky, to start work on a cli-psy paper and have no idea what a familiar and well-defined term will…

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