3 thoughts on “Alarmist thought for the Day

  1. IF ”solar activity” was controlling weather / climate => would have being SAME climate in the Australian Great Sandy desert, Namibian desert and Brazil rainforest; because they are all on SAME latitudes! Therefore: H2O regulates the climate! Climate can be improved also, by introducing water in deserts::



  2. Craig my friend… I gave you Namibian desert and great sandy desert in Australia as examples, because their sand reaches the sand on the beach. On the other hand, in Brazil the rainforest is 200km away from the beach!

    Atleast you have one eye on the truth: the magic word, WATER! H2O saved on dry land during storms – prevents creation of ”dry heat” because that ”dry heat” is taken by the wind to places where is vegetation, and is preparing it for intensive forest fires! By blaming CO2 and the sun in the voo-doo science, nobody talks about ”improving the climate, where is bad”

    example #1: : if there wasn’t high mountains between the Chilean desert and Amazon basing, wouldn’t be any rainforest

    example#2: if brown water from Los Angeles was piped into the californian desert – wouldn’t be any californian forest fires AND: would have being more snow and rain in the headwaters of Sacramento river! fact: clouds from the sea avoid land with dry heat. IF that problem was targeted= solution
    On the other hand: Inca people worshiped the sun, didn’t help them much – BUT: you can sacrifice three virgins to the make the sun happy.. if you are lucky to find one, in your whole country…


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