Stealing Scottish Seas


Stealing Scottish Seas

Craig Murray is a blogger, human rights activist and former British ambassador to Uzbekistan who has many interesting tales to tell.

One of these tales relates to the stealthy theft of 6,000 square miles of Scottish Sea [and associated oil deposits] by England just as the United Kingdom devolved power to the Scottish Government.

Now tell me Labour or Westminster can be trusted with Scotland’s interests.

Craig John Murray (born 17 October 1958) is a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, and was Rector of the University of Dundee (2007–10).

While at the embassy in Tashkent, he accused the Karimov administration of human rights abuses, which he argued was a step against the wishes of the British government and the reason for his removal.

Murray complained to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in November 2002, January or early February 2003, and in June 2004 that intelligence linking the Islamic Movement…

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