The Madrassa mindset.



We’ve all watched with disgust ISIS and their forebears the Taliban blowing up sites of immense archaeological significance. In the main, the people committing such vandalism are the lineal descendants of the civilisations which built those very monuments in the first place. They tend to blow up the big bits left over after they’ve looted and sold off the more portable bits to support their barbaric cause.

To some extent, it’s understandable since the only education so many of the perpetrators have had was in what’s called Madrassas. All that happens inside a Madrassa is endless memorisation and repetition of the Koran, with only a token nod to learning anything else. The world revolves only and exclusively around the tenets of the Koran and any dissent is punished by the whole pack turning on you because you’re committing blasphemy.

As an educational institution, it represents nothing more than the complete victory…

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