Another Look at Science

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Since the early 1980s, grave concerns have been raised about the process by which scientific evidence gets produced.

betrayers_of_the_truth_coverTwo months ago, I embarked on a research project that veered off in unexpected directions, metamorphosing into a more time-consuming and labour-intensive exercise than anticipated.

Along the way, I learned a great deal about how science gets practiced in the real world – as opposed to the idealized “Science” of my imagination. Yes, I’d known full well that climate science was a mess. Rather than inspiring confidence, legions of its practitioners act as though they’re selling something. On the one hand, they’re quick to dismiss alternative perspectives. On the other, they grasp at every half-baked rationale available to advance their own worldview. And yes, I’d already begun to notice parallels to the scientific debate concerning cholesterol, dietary fat, and heart disease.

But my recent adventure has persuaded me that the scientific enterprise…

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One thought on “Another Look at Science

  1. I totally agree with you on this way, it is very clear to see in the science of the universe which is Astronomy. For some reason Relativity tends to rule the modern day roost and any non believers in this religion are put into exile. Halton Arp is the best example of this. The gravity wave fiasco is another great example of “metaphysics” coming to life.
    Black holes which are not a scientific fact (Certainty), seem to have collided a billion years ago and caused gravitational waves to been measured here on earth. The instruments used were laser interferometers, they detected something but I very much doubt it was 2 black holes colliding a billion years ago. Where is all the scientific evidence for these outrageous assumptions ? Well this has happened before with gravity waves in 2014
    For some reason the media jumps on any announcement like this immediately and it is trumpeted as scientific fact as soon as it comes off the drawing board.
    Science is being dumbed down and the majority of people don’t care or are to stupid too realise.
    This is the best article I have seen on this

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