Watch “Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech in defence of press freedom”

3 thoughts on “Watch “Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech in defence of press freedom”

  1. Ahh yes….the freedom of the press to lie and deceive us at will, using that well known cathphrase “the democratic system” to good effect in realising the governments aims. MPs are just actors on a stage, front line troops in the undemocratic censorship which labels all whistleblowers as conspiracy theorists and fake news peddlars. Things haven’t changed for hundreds of years as news paper clippings from the 1800s prove. Same old lies and censorship of the truth to control the populace, even back as far as Queen Elizabeth I with her intelligence ring of spies and other surveillance operatiives, specifically set up to protect the monarchy from being subverted. If Mogg said the sky was falling, the last thing I would do is look up… and that goes for all other politicains too!

    • Oh I agree Russ, but In appreciate a good speech but more importantly poorly formed laws by the gatekeepers are a deep threat to everyone. I may not like the press, as they set the limits of debate – not create or nurture debate just limit it –
      but when they are gone and fully (not partially) neutered we are well and truly f—–d.

  2. Yes Craig. I often wonder what life would be like with a freer alternative to this tollerably oppressive situation we are forced to deal with today. Lets face it, we have never had it so good but while we smile at the technology and full food cupboard, lets not forget how the rulers of this floating prison can change life into something resembling a living hell in a matter of a few months. The only reason I can see why the population is being allowed to soar and social self destruction sped up, is simply down to the upcoming ice age. The rulers know its about to hit us and you can clearly see them preparing. Its happened before every major civilisation collapse but this time its on the level of a mass extinction event, which is basically what a full blown ice age really is. … As you listen carefully to the speeches made by people such as Mr Mogg, you can hear the seeds of chaos and confusion being sown. The people who intend surviving are already planning their coup de théâtre to stun the populace into submission. Multi-party politics has been used primarily to give us all something to quibble over while the ruling classes change the locks on the assylum they keep us in. Please read a book called, ‘When Scotland Was Jewish’ by a couple of Jewish historians. Takes your knowledge of Britains real history to a whole new level and will help you see world politics much more clearly. It certainly opened my eyes…

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