Tucker Carlson: Big Tech censors COVID video featuring doctors


The seeds for the mass censorship we see today were sown many years ago, however, it’s been quite unnerving how fast the new normal has set in with the gullible legions of Ken and Karen enforcers gobbling up every bit of #FakeNews – even if it directly contradicts yesterday’s news.

We’ve seen this pattern with the watermelon green movement – which I was once part of – where they called ‘deniers’ delusional or cast diagnosis (by the projections of a sociopathic professor no less), they censored us, then called for the removal of our rights and then to have us euthanised because we dare to disagree.

It’s quite easy to unpeople and dehumanise those you disagree with. It always follows this pattern because authorian idealogues are not coherent human beings, but zealots in a cult and it is all the more dangerous when society falls under the spell, or at least starts addressing the hallucinations of the cult as real. We cannot speak on their terms, because that is acting as if their paranoid delusions are real – it’s like agreeing with a hypochondriac’s diagnosis of cancer when they have a pimple, when they are mandating chemotherapy amd surgery for the entire population!

I started a Gab account a few years ago because I see what is coming – I don’t agree with many of the things said on there, but at least there is no ban hammer making my opinion for me. The hockey stick of censorship means that very soon it may be the only place left that isn’t part of our current mass psychosis.

Despotic regimes, left or right, always follow the same pattern of censoring views they don’t like and enforcement by ultimately violent mobs. We can only pray our current trajectory is halted before the terror these fanatics are trying to unleash.

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