Extreme Weather in 1759

A diary recording Bath’s weather, written by a clergyman about 250 years ago, has been found by archivists.


The parchment notebook belonged to Reverend Duel Taylor whose tiny writing recorded the city’s weather every day for six years between 1756 and 1761.


An entry in December 1759 shows extreme weather was not unusual with the the river “frozen so hard” people had to “walk across it for three days past”.


It was found among papers of Bath’s town clerks.



The Central England Temperature for December 1759 was 2.5C, about -2.1C below the 1961-1990 average.

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Predicting Gonzalo’s Path


Something I posted over at the WeatherAction site

Originally posted on the WeatherAction News Blog:

Over at the Talkshop, Tim Channon has had a look at the Met Office’s recent outlooks ahead of ex hurricaine Gonzales which sadly killed two in London*, recording gusts of 108mph in the Cairngorms, 88mph in Oban and 60-70mph in many parts. It caused wide disruption but nothing like the storms of last October and winter.
Image the Weather Network

Tim has collated some of the outlooks and said this which caught my eye having followed Gonzalo fairly closely

Concentrating on the South East, London area. See them start to realise what is coming. Meantime I could see the remains of an Atlantic hurricane was forecast by the American [models] to pass over the UK today… forecast a week or so ago. The track was marked.

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Beautifully written Caleb. The nasturtium are my cold weather vane. They took a slight hit from frost in August (yep you read that right) but have been healthy and flourishing ever since although the survivors are more towards the yellow end of the spectrum than the deep oranges of summer. After reading I really must have a go at morning glory next year as I never got my last lot to seed.

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The storm brewing over the northeast represents a surge of milder air that was too little too late. Before it came north to fuel the falling pressures and my aching bones, cold air slid down behind the last storm, and gave us a sneaky freeze.

It was sneaky because their was no frost. The air was bone dry, and just as there is sometimes no dew in a desert, there was no frost on the pumpkins. However everything withered in the first light of dawn, yesterday.

Perhaps the saddest sight was the demise of the morning glories crawling all over the fence beside the main entrance to our Childcare’s front gate. In a desperate attempt to make seeds, (which I had frustrated by “dead-heading” the blooms before they could make seeds), the vines had produced a lovely mass of blooms the morning before…

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Sorry Caleb, the wonders have saved your forests for us Europeans so we can close down our dirty plants and burn your wood instead. It’s to save the planet and make the wonders feel all warm and squishy inside as they realise they are neither priests nor overlords and will share our fate of freezing to death (sadly they’ll think this make them martyrs not morons).

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There is an old adage that states, “It it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately our way of staying warm in the winter, which wasn’t broken, has been “fixed,” and consequently many will not be able to stay warm this winter. As I myself am included in this “many”, I, of course, am a bit peeved.

The simple fact of the matter is that coal and oil fired power plants have been called “dirty,” by people who claim to be altruistic. I am not particularly wonder-struck by their logic. They seem to think that it is a revelation of modern science that smoke is dirty stuff. I think even our cavemen ancestors knew that, but preferred a bit of airborne dirt to freezing to death. However these wonders seem to prefer freezing to death to a campfire.

In the name of cleanliness these wonders have managed to shut down 288 out…

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Claim: Cheap energy stimulates the economy too much – Natural Gas will not reduce CO2


“Our latest preprogrammed simulations, with a predetermined outcome that co2 is pollution and controls all, has told us once again poor people must still die but it’s perfectly fine if the priesthood and their government overlords continue to reap all the benefits

The Climate Science Eugenists.

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Eric Worrall writes: A new study published in Nature has revealed that switching to cheap Natural Gas will not reduce CO2 significantly, because all that cheap energy will stimulate the economy so much that we will all use more energy.

According to the abstract;

“The most important energy development of the past decade has been the wide deployment of hydraulic fracturing technologies that enable the production of previously uneconomic shale gas resources in North America1. If these advanced gas production technologies were to be deployed globally, the energy market could see a large influx of economically competitive unconventional gas resources. The climate implications of such abundant natural gas have been hotly debated. Some researchers have observed that abundant natural gas substituting for coal could reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Others have reported that the non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions associated with shale gas production make its lifecycle emissions higher than those…

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National Trust statement on Stonehenge tunnel proposal

Originally posted on National Trust Press Office:

Ian Wilson, Assistant Director of Operations, at the National Trust, said: “The National Trust has a long standing ambition to remove as much of the A303 road from the Stonehenge landscape as possible. 

“Huge volumes of traffic on the road are already having a detrimental impact on the site and forecasts suggest this will only get worse. We need to find a solution to this problem sooner rather than later and that solution needs to remove as much of the highly damaging existing road as possible.

“We believe building a tunnel under the landscape is the best way of improving the quality of this special place whilst at the same time significantly improving a major transport link for the South West.

“We would like to see the longest possible tunnel but we recognise that any plan needs to be both affordable and deliverable if we’re to finally solve this long-running…

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Atmospheric oxygen can be created without plant life

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public domain picture

by Xaq Rzetelny
October 9, 2014

Over the past 40 years, evidence has turned up on Mars pointing to the presence of oxygen. This suggested that some oxygen must have been created in the early Earth’s atmosphere as well, due to the similar compositions of the two atmospheres. Before this new idea, it was widely understood that oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere originated in an event called the “Great Oxidation Event,” which occurred about 2.4 billion years ago as the first plants appeared and converted carbon dioxide to oxygen.

But a new experiment has confirmed that there is a mechanism for creating oxygen that doesn’t require the presence of life. The results have implications not only for understanding the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere, but also for the study of exoplanetary atmospheres.

The team used a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) laser to break carbon dioxide apart, leaving free…

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Water temperature of the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than normal

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Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa writes on Michigan Live about the lingering effect of historic ice extent last winter in the Great Lakes and late ice melt this summer due to that extent:

Lakes Superior and Lake Michigan are currently six degrees colder than last year. If the water continues to remain colder than normal, it could have an impact on Michigan’s winter in several ways.

The average water temperature on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan is currently colder than both last year and the long-term average.

Currently Lake Superior has an average surface water temperature of 47.6 degrees. Last year on this date Lake Superior was at 53.7 degrees. The long-term average water temperature on Lake Superior for October 11 is 51.1 degrees.

So Lake Superior is 6.1 degrees colder than this time last year, and 3.5 degrees colder than normal.

Lake Michigan has an average surface water temperature…

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Arctic Ice Trends Since 1864

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Ron C and Green Sand

There were a couple of comments on my post, HH Lamb & Cooling In The Arctic, which are worth expanding on.

1) First, this paper from Torgny Vinje:


The extent of ice in the Nordic Seas measured in April has decreased by 33% over the past 135 yr. Retrospective comparison indicates that the recent decrease in the ice extent is within the range of variability observed since the eighteenth century. Temporal, monotonically reduced extreme events occur with intervals of 12–14 yr, suggesting that series longer than 30 yr should be considered to obtain statistical significance regarding temporal changes. Otherwise, decadal temperature variation is also found in the northbound warmer ocean currents. The temperature in the upper layers of these currents seems moreover to have increased by the order of 18C since the cooling during…

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