Funding approved for new Met Office £100 million computer

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The Sun newspaper is claiming an exclusive today Sunday 30th June

Ministers approve weather machine

BLUNDERING weather boffins are to get a new £100million supercomputer to help improve their forecasting.

Link here The Sun (loud web site, may play script bouncing tricks)

So far I cannot find independent confirmation but WhatDoTheyKnow? cites the Sun with this

Will the latest £100m of supercomputer spend for the Met Office be competitively tendered to EU regulation?

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Aging weather stations contribute to high temperature records

Watts Up With That?

New paper finds that aging weather stations record much higher daytime temperatures, 1.63°C higher than new stations

While we are all watching the heat wave developing in the US southwest, here is something to consider. Albedo on the surfaces of weather station shelters changes with time, something I and the volunteers have documented with the Surface Stations project. For example, here’s a aged weather station where the whitewash coating is coming off and the bare wood is becoming exposed:stevenson_screen_12-27-07.jpg

Back in 2007, Pat Michaels wrote in an American Spectator column “Not so Hot“:

“Weather equipment is very high-maintenance. The standard temperature shelter is painted white. If the paint wears or discolors, the shelter absorbs more of the sun’s heat and the thermometer inside will read artificially high. But keeping temperature stations well painted probably isn’t the highest priority in a poor country.”

Now there is proof that changes…

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The Green Jobs Myth


By Paul Homewood





We often hear that the transition to a low carbon economy will create millions of green jobs. In his 2008 campaign, Obama boasted how he would create 5 million new green jobs. And over here in the UK in 2009, Peter Mandelson claimed that his “Low Carbon Industrial Strategy” would create 400,000 green jobs within 8 years.

Leaving aside the not inconsiderable problem of how many jobs would also be lost as a result of higher energy costs, I thought I would ask the Department of Energy and Climate Change for an analysis of green jobs in the UK. The latest figures available are for 2010/11, and the first year monitored was 2008/9, so we have a picture of how many jobs have been created over two years. The full breakdown is in the Appendix, but the salient points are listed below.

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Met Office Is Very Sure About The Underlying Science

Real Science

ScreenHunter_411 Jun. 28 07.39

ScreenHunter_172 Mar. 13 05.24

‘The Met Office are saying that despite the recent concerns about the science, they are very sure about the underlying science. ‘They tell us there is a 50-50 chance we will get a 2C rise. If we pull our finger out we could prevent us moving beyond 2C but we have to act pretty soon‘.

A 2C rise could mean summers in the UK reaching 38C – a climate similar to southern France.

That kind of temperature rise would see the traditional summer deep borders full of herbaceous perennials such as lupins and delphiniums replaced with Mediterranean plans.

National Trust campaign highlights how gardens will look if global warming brings Mediterranean weather to Britain | Mail Online

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Model-Data Comparison: Alaska Land Surface Air Temperature Anomalies

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Mainstream media and climate alarmist websites have been publishing a lot of nonsense about record and near-record surface temperatures in Alaska over the past few weeks.

Near-record? Yup. Near-record. On June 25th, Sophia Rosenbaum penned the NBC News article Alaska sweating through brutal blast of heat. But right at the top of the page is a photo of smiling bikini-clad residents sunbathing at the lakeshore. Doesn’t look that brutal to me. Later, she notes:

In Fairbanks, the “near-record temperatures” are expected Wednesday and Thursday to clock in at 91 degrees.

Temperatures above 90 are extremely rare in Alaska. Fairbanks has only experienced 90 or above 14 times since in 109 years. The record in Fairbanks is 95 degrees set back in 1915.

If the record was set in 1915, why would anyone be worried about Alaskans receiving the gift of sunbathing weather? Let them enjoy it in…

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