The Fake News Doomsday Clock

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DoomsdayScientists Scientists will go to any extreme to get that grant!

Not content with the seemingly endless effluent of fear and fakery spewed out of their various orifices, the media have have yet more fear and fakery to spread courtesy of their erstwhile academic colleagues;

What I found rather surprising was that the Cuban missile crisis was omitted from the doom mongering clocks movements of the past. As their own website states [my emphasis];

Were the hands moved during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962?

No. They were not moved during the 10-day crisis because too little was known at the time about the circumstances of the standoff or what the outcome would be

The following section is really just a diversion, because the clock is moved on current “major global” threats not after the fact hindsight;

In fact, after the crisis, US and Soviet leaders installed a direct telephone line…

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