Blimey! Bad Weather In 1954! Surely That’s Not Possible


By Paul Homewood

h/t AC Osborn


From the “Extreme Weather Is Caused By CO2” Department:

Courtesy of C3 Headlines:

1954: A Bad Year of “Climate Change” – Natural Disasters Pummel Large Swaths of Globe, Again

1954-milkman UK floods

Humans are constantly faced with natural disasters, year after year.

Disasters have nothing to do with the witches of CO2 casting spells.

As this picture from the 1954 UK floods indicates, flooding in Britain just happens – no huge CO2 emissions needed. (more historical pics)

The following is a partial list of 1954 “climate change” disasters, au natural, from 60 years ago.

1954: Thames River Over 4 Feet Above Normal, Famous Eton Swamped

1954: Britain Hit With “Flood Havoc” – Gales, Snow Add To Misery

1954: Heaviest Snowfall In 15 Years From Blizzard Blankets Chicago

1954: No Survivors When Blizzard “Wrecks” Japanese Fishing Fleet

1954: Worst Blizzard In Turkey In Over 40 Years…

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